The Definition of Holistic Health
for Holistic Wealth

The definition of holistic health means caring for the total you!

Holistic health means having total wellness in your mind, body and spirit.

Your mind, body and spirit work together to bring you “health wealth.” They cannot truly be separated. When one part of your system is healed, the other parts are positively affected as well.

Holistic Healing - Definition of Holistic Health: Healing Pond and Leaf

Likewise, if you are not well in one area, it affects the other areas of your being. For example, when you are in physical pain, it affects your emotions. And, if you are depressed, this affects your body and your energy level.

The definition of holistic health implies that the cause of an illness or pain may not be physical. For example, having chronic pain gives you physical symptoms but the root cause may be an emotional imbalance.

Holistic healing aims to restore any imbalances in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems.

Holistic health practitioners work gently with you to find and heal the cause of your pain or illness. They help you to find healing approaches that address every part of your wondrous being. For more on holistic healers' principles and 'rules of the road' see:

Holistic Concepts of Health.

Under the definition of holistic care, you are a dynamic and complex being and not all healing therapies are right for all people. It may take some experimenting to find holistic approaches that are just right for you.

(Click here for the Six Steps to Holistic Healing Success.)

The Definition of Complementary Medicine

With holistic treatments, you may still be under the care of a doctor. It may help to find out what your doctor recommends as complementary, holistic medicine. The term “complementary medicine,” is used when a therapy complements traditional medical therapies. Complementary holistic therapies work with modern medicine to give you the best available holistic wellness.

Acupuncture, naturopathy, reiki, and Ayurvedic medicine are just a few of the holistic therapies that treat the whole person. They can be used at the same time that you are getting traditional medical help.

The Definition of Alternative Medicine

Depending on your situation, some holistic approaches to health can also be used as alternatives to conventional medicine. A therapy that is used to replace traditional medicine is called “alternative medicine.”

Holistic Healing - Definition of Holistic Health: Leaf with Water Droplets

The Definition of Integrative Medicine

“Integrative medicine” is a term used for holistic therapies that have reached the mainstream of medical care. For example, chiropractic work was once considered to be alternative therapy, but now it is widely recommended by doctors as a therapeutic healing alternative.

The definition of holistic health shines the way to a bounty of choices and resources available to you. Exploring ways to heal yourself holistically can bring you a sense of peace and balance. (For more information about the Journey of Holistic Healing, click here)

You are already a whole being…you may not know it yet! Holistic healing approaches help you realize this.

Bringing your total self back into harmony and balance may offer the promise of freedom from pain and illness.

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