Dowsing Healing: A Tool of Discovery

Dowsing healing is a fascinating part of energy healing; and holistic healing in general. (It is also called: pendulum dowsing or spiritual dowsing.)

The whole point of dowsing with the pendulum is to learn about the health of your client’s seven chakras or energy centers. Dowsing may help you to see what chakras may need extra care and attention.

For energetic dowsing, using a pendulum helps you to assess chakra energy.

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Chakras and Self Healing Energy.)

Holistic Healing - Dowsing Healing: Crystal and Amethyst Pendulums in a Circle

Chakra Dowsing For Healing Made Easy

For this exercise, a pendulum on a chain is needed. New age book stores have a wide assortment of stones used for pendulum healing.

The best time to do dowsing with a pendulum is right after the person you are going to work on lies down. This is because your energy fields will merge a bit during the session. You want the most accurate picture you can get before your energy fields start to mix.

Healing pendulums should be kept about five to six inches off the body. Center yourself and start at the crown chakra, at the top of your client’s head.

For this dowsing technique, start by holding the pendulum still and try to release all of your attachments to the outcome and what you may find.

Soon the pendulum will start to swing.

The circular motion of the dowsing pendulum is most common. Take a mental note of the size, speed and direction of the circle or movement. Note whether it is moving in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction.

Go through all of the person’s seven chakras and do the same thing.

The Magic of the Basic Dowsing Movements…

Clockwise: A clockwise direction indicates that the chakra is open and functioning well.

Counter Clockwise: A counter clockwise direction indicates that the energy center is closed and is not in balance.

Back and Forth in a Straight Line: A major block may be in need of attention here.

Totally Still: This means that the chakra may be blocked totally and that there is very little or no energy flow within that chakra.

The Size and Speed of the Movement: On a healthy person, a clockwise motion with a spiritual pendulum may be quite wide and fast.

On the other hand, chakra energy that is in need of a tune-up may produce a circle with the pendulum that is quite a bit smaller and slower.

What To Do With Your New Discoveries…

Chakra healing experts say that prolonged still and blocked chakras may lead to disease.

Dowsing healing, as a form of intuitive healing, helps you to see what areas need attention. After you do the assessment, take extra care with the areas you found that were out of balance, sluggish or blocked.

You may come up with a personal energy healing sequence or chakra therapy especially tailored to the needs of your client.

Sometimes several sessions may be needed to help the client release energy blocks and harmoniously rebalance their chakras.

At the end of the session it is best to dowse the chakras again to reassess them. Look for any changes and see if any more work is needed in particular areas.

This dowsing energy method may unleash the secrets stored in your blessed client’s energy field. It is a magnificent dowsing tool that can give you an energetic snapshot of the human energy centers. Let dowsing healing help you to travel together to new healing heights and profound depths.

Please note: Reiki and Healing Touch practitioners differ when it comes to the meaning of the pendulum directions. Healing Touch practitioners believe that a counter-clockwise direction means the chakra is out of balance. But Reiki practitioners believe that every other chakra flows in the opposite direction. The information on this page follows the principles of Healing Touch. To overcome the difference, some practitioners also use a hand scan to assess the chakras.

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