Energy Healing for Depression:
Flourish Where You Are!

Depression is a “place” I know, so I can easily share my experiences on energy healing for depression. I can also share what has worked for me and other people that I have had the opportunity to share energy healing with.

I struggled with depression in my late twenties, and because of it, I was led to Healing Touch.

My sister was the first person to introduce me to energy healing for depression. I was skeptical. But…Ahhh, it felt like an “air massage.” It felt like an unfurling of energies like feathers over my body. There was what seemed like an instant soothing sensation and emotional relief.

Holistic Healing - Energy Healing for Depression: Healing Hands in Motion

I hope that you can also witness (or give) the comforting sensation of these Two Gentle “Unruffling” Techniques That Can Lift Sadness and Depression…

Side Bar: Doing energy therapy does not require that you have certification in Healing Touch. Anyone can learn these simple healing sequences and friends can trade with each other. It does take the intent to heal and it helps to have a basic knowledge of energy and how Healing Touch or other healing approaches like Reiki or Quantum Healing work.

Technique 1- Smoothing the Field:
Light Energy For Inner Healing

  • Energy healing for depression can be done with the healee sitting or lying down. This is why it is a really good technique if you don’t have much time for a full session (lying down). It is also good to use in hospital settings.

  • This healing therapy targets a specific area that you want healed. A whole body sequence can also be done.

  • You can use a pendulum to find out which chakras (or energy centers) are blocked or you may find that you just “know” which parts of your energetic field need attention. (For me, I can feel tension build up in my upper back when I am feeling sad or stressed. The upper back corresponds to the fifth chakra or heart center. So I know to give extra attention to this area.)

  • Use gentle, fairly slow sweeping motions through the area. Palms face down, and both hands are open and sweep down and away from the area that you are healing. Both hands should be slightly together and about five inches above the healee.

  • You can use short or long hand movements and you do this continuously in the targeted area.

  • Make sure that you sweep gently, and with the intent to heal. With each sweep, move your healing hands completely off and away from the body. This ensures that the blocked energy is completely removed from the energy field.

  • Stay with this for about five minutes, with hands continuously in motion over the area. Watch for any changes in the area, and in the healee. Usually there are signs of peacefulness like: the breathing and heart rate slowing down and a relaxed brow.

  • When you harness healing energy for depression, remember to call upon universal power. Metaphysical healing is the strongest power we have as healers. Using universal light and spiritual energy also protects us as well, so we don’t deplete our personal energy reservoirs.

    Holistic Healing - Energy Healing for Depression: Multi Color Wave Graphic

    Technique 2 - Magnetic Clearing For Inner Peace

  • For this technique, it is best if the healee lies down on a bed or massage table.

  • Start about 12 inches from the crown chakra at the top of the head. Hands remain slightly together, with fingers spread out like a mini rake.

  • For energy healing for depression, the body sweep is done in one, non-stop motion from head to toe. (That is, the entire body sweep is completed in one long sweeping motion.)

  • In this technique for emotional healing, there is a reason why you complete each sweep without stopping. (This ensures that the energy clearing is complete and that energy blocks are totally cleared from the body.) So, be sure to pull hands off and away from the toes to release energy away from the body.

  • At the end of each sweep, beyond the feet, shake hands off gently to free energy gathered up after the full sweep.

  • The entire body sweep takes about 30 seconds. For the best benefits, do this healing exercise for about 15 minutes, and until the field of the person that you are working on feels “even.”

  • This type of energy healing for depression is excellent for helping to release old, pent up emotions and grief. It helps to clear up emotional energy blocks that may have built up in the energy field.

    For self healing and chakra balancing, a daily full-body chakra connection is also useful for depression.

    I believe that if we are born into a world where there is suffering, then we are also given tools and ways to transcend the pain.

    Holistic Healing - Energy Healing for Depression: Vibrant OrangeTulips

    There are “light beings” ready to help you…healers that are ready to make the thorns of life easier to bear. Healing circles are sprouting up all over the planet. We are evolving in the garden of life, and with Evolution, there is always hope.

    This is an amazing time to be alive because we can play an active part in our evolution. Energy healing for depression helps you do that. Heal and flourish where you are. Join the garden of hope, healing and happiness.

    Flowers grow towards the light! In this garden, you can be both a flower and a part of the light that transcends suffering.

    Please note: these healing techniques are not a substitute for medication and medical help. But they do complement medical therapies and can offer relief. They can also make you more responsive to medical treatment.

    The information for energy healing for depression was derived in part from: Hover-Kramer, Dorothea. Healing Touch: A Guidebook for Practitioners. New York: Delmar Thomson Learning, 2002. This book can be ordered at most fine book stores.

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