Essential Oil Remedies:
Essentially Wonderful

Essential oil remedies are a branch of herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

There is great controversy over whether or not the use of aromatherapy for healing actually works.

Aromatherapists claim that certain essential oils massaged into our bodies reach the bloodstream and can help heal chronic disease. As yet there is no scientific basis for this and aromatherapy should not be sought after to cure particular conditions. But there is no denying that certain scents can offer a mood boost and can “waft-away” stress.

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The main methods for using essential oils are through massage (the most popular method); drops in your bath; and inhaling oil-laden steam. Some people also use these diverse oils for compresses, mouth rinses and by blowing them through the air with diffusers.

My Pleasant
Personal Picks…

Lavender: Many people find lavender essential oil soothing and relaxing. It can be used in your bath water; in an oil for massage; or put under your pillow with a few droplets on a small sachet to help you sleep.

Orange Oil and Lemon Balm: I have found these citrus scents great for a quick pick me up. Some Japanese companies actually diffuse lemon essential oil through their workplaces to help employees be more efficient. For a healthy pick me up, use only the highest quality oil!

Ylang Ylang and Coconut: the sense of smell is so powerful that a scent you experienced at the same time something exciting or enjoyable was happening can get “linked up” in your brain. This is what happened to me…

I was in Costa Rica having the time of my life and the scent of a ylang ylang flower was right outside the window where I stayed. When I got home I discovered that ylang ylang essential oil was available. Every time I really want to feel spectacular, I use a few drops of ylang ylang for bath oil. I float away to beautiful Costa Rica and the wonderful time I had there.

You can do this too with any scent that you associate a good time with. For example, my sister does the same thing with coconut essential oil. She keeps it in her car and dabs it on her wrists when she wants a “Hawaiian high.”

Your Personal Best: Is there a scent that is really pleasing to you?

Having a scent “on hand” that is really personally pleasing to you may be the best essential oil remedy there is.

Scent is a really personal thing, everybody has unique tastes. Some people are drawn to floral scents; some love spicy smells. The only “rule” here is find one that you absolutely love and use it when you need it!

Safety Before Sensuality…

  • Essential oil healing is for external use only!
  • Consult with a qualified practitioner first if you are pregnant; want to use essential oils on babies or children; or if you have any kind of health concern, or medical condition.
  • Keep essential oils out of the reach of children.
  • And you know the drill...before using any complementary treatment, consult your doctor first!
Oils should be diluted before using them on the skin. They are usually diluted in what’s called a “carrier” oil. Essential healing oils are best diluted with veggie oils like grape seed or sweet almond oil. (Wheat germ oil can also be used if you want to preserve essential oil blends for a few months.)

Best Buying for Inner Beauty…

Essential oils remedies should be made of the highest quality plant oil. To ensure that you are getting therapeutic grade essential oils, make sure that no artificial ingredients are listed on the bottle.

Pure essential oils can be a bit pricey. They are also best stored in dark bottles, away from light of any kind.

Chances are a scent that you like is also a natural essential oil… – sorry, the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking is not derived from a plant, so you won’t find it in the health food store! ;)

The point is that scents can uplift our moods and can also help us relax. When we relax, healing can take root. Essential oil remedies are a holistic healing tool that can be fun to use – and one that you can include in your life easily and playfully.

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