Healing Gemstones:
Magic, Mysticism, Mystery

The magic of healing gemstones is part mystery and part mysticism…

When you use gemstones and crystals for healing, you connect with souls who have used these stones down through the ages. Through ancient times the Egyptians, the Mayas, and early Hindis all knew about the magical healing properties of stones…

Why not us?! Healers are harnessing the healing powers of stones and people in need of healing are willing to try different vibrational or energetic approaches.

Holistic Healing - Healing Gemstones: Amethyst Crystals

The theory behind healing gemstones and crystals is that everything (including us and these magical stones) holds a vibrational frequency. Because of this, healing gem stones may positively affect our energetic frequency.

There is no scientific basis – yet – for the healing power of stones. But healers and mystics may be way ahead of the arc of discovery. They claim that our subtle energy bodies are affected by the magical healing properties of the stones. (We may just not be able to measure this yet!) Click here for more on: the healing powers of gemstones.

New Age book stores are very progressive, as are many healers. And they say: “Why not? Why can’t this form of energy help us?” After all, we are all energy bodies, with the elements of the Earth in our biological make-up. The benefits to you energetically may be profound, yet subtle.

As holistic healing tools, crystals or gemstones may be placed on your body, on areas that you want healed. They can also be placed at any of the seven chakra points, or held in the healer’s hand or in your hand.

Holistic Healing - Healing Gemstones: Small Amethyst Sparkling Rocks

See: Crystal and Gemstone Healing Therapy for more information on using crystals for healing.

The different colors of stones, called chakra healing stones, may correspond with the different chakra colors located within your energetic body. (In many healing disciplines, healing practitioners recognize that there are seven main energy centers located within our human bodies. Each of these energy centers corresponds to a color.)

People who believe in the meaning of healing stones may carry crystals and stones around with them for healing protection and grounding. Often people will put crystals around their living space or office. They are meant to neutralize negative energy.

Mystics and healers have cleared the path to harnessing the magical powers of healing gemstones and crystals. They are symbols of beauty and divinity. Hold them up to your light! May they reflect the beauty that is in you.

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