The Healing Pendulum:
Fascination and Fun

Working with a healing pendulum can be a fun and exciting way to explore holistic healing and the world of energy. It can also lead you to your intuition and the answers within.

There is something fascinating about seeing a healing crystal pendulum respond to our bodies and our questions!

(For an in-depth look at using a pendulum for energy healing; see the Dowsing Healing page.)

Holistic Healing - Healing Pendulum: Quartz and Amethyst Pendulums

New Age pendulums come in all different crystal and stone varieties. There are even wooden ones and some healers say to use only wooden ones; but that isn’t necessary.

What is important is that you choose your pendulum with care and healing intent.The page on Choosing, Clearing and Charging holistic stones can help you with this.

A pendulum therapist may ask their energy healing pendulum to tell them what healing stones or crystals would be good to use on a client. This is an intuitive way to ask for divine healing guidance.

Some healers and mystics also use their metaphysical pendulum to intuitively direct them in life. They ask their higher self to show them answers to questions through their pendulum. This is done by establishing a “yes/no” direction with the pendulum and asking yes/no questions that you would like the answers to.

My sister, who is a mystic, does this all the time. I call it “dowsing for the answer” or pendulum dowsing. She is comfortable with the pendulum she uses and knows which direction means “yes” and which means “no.” It is important to establish the general “yes/no” direction first.

You can do this by asking a simple yes/no question that you already know the answer to. Or you can say: “show me 'no'...” (The yes/no direction is said to be the same for each person, but can vary between people.) So, my yes/no direction may be east/west, my sister’s may be north/south.

The next important step is to center and ground yourself before you ask your question. Let go of the answer you want to see. This helps clear the channel for the answer to come through.

Using a pendulum for healing in this way can be really fun. Some people use their pendulums to get an answer to all of their important questions. Try this out! Explore! In addition to being a great healing tool, energy healing pendulums can lead you to your own guiding light.

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