Holistic Concepts of Health:
Healer Truths and Secrets

These holistic concepts of health are like the unwritten “laws” of holistic healing.

I share with you some of the main values and principles that many holistic healing practitioners uphold:

Holistic Healing - Holistic Concepts of Health: An Antique Compass

Alternative medicine can overlap and complement mainstream medicine.

Treatment approaches are meant to be as natural and as gentle as possible.

Holistic healers address the patterns of disease by exploring the causes of the condition and not just the symptoms.

The body, mind and spirit are connected. Healing is explored at all levels of being. (This may be one of the most popular holistic concepts of health.)

So… what we do to our bodies affects our minds. What we do to our minds affects our bodies. What we do for our souls affects both our minds and bodies!

Tailor-made treatments that are client-specific are beneficial for healing. The client’s mind, body, spirit “signature” must be considered.

Environmental factors may also be considered as part of the holistic healing process.

Thoughts are very powerful and can positively influence our state of health. Thoughts can create dis-ease and they can also create health.

Opening up to Spirit, higher self or higher consciousness depending on belief) can positively affect our well-being.

The work of one practitioner can overlap with the work of another healer. This addresses different aspects of the body, mind, spirit triangle.

The needs and wishes of the client are foremost.

Creating a nurturing environment for the holistic patient is foremost.

Being open to all healing possibilities is crucial.

A positive outlook about the universe as nurturing and friendly can bring us peace. This is a holistic alternative to chaos.

The client’s holistic spiritual journey may also be explored and taken into consideration.

Self-care and nurturing are often recommended as part of a holistic health care treatment plan.

Too much stress can create disease. Holistic living, peace and relaxation can create wellness.

Take away the stress, relax the body, nurture the mind and the body has a better chance of healing. (Another key holistic concept of health.)

Dis-ease is a way our bodies speak to us. Holistic healing discovers the messages it may be trying to tell us.

The body has immense healing potential.

The body has its own magnificent wisdom.

The mind can be a very powerful healing ally.

The soul is a great force and resource for nurturing every part of ourselves.

Practitioner self-care and nurturing are good for the healer’s practice and holistic healthcare.

We are so much greater than we think we are!

Note: If the words “soul” and “spirit” do not fit the world view of the client, higher self or higher consciousness may be good choices.

Many of these holistic concepts of health are like holistic health guidelines. And many of them are universal among healers. Some of them are like shared secrets, others like “rules of the road.” The best practitioners try to uphold them as they go about their work and daily living. This is not only with respect to their clients, but also in their relationship to themselves, their loved ones and as they bestow their gifts upon the planet.

May you nurture and be nurtured by these secrets and truths.

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