Holistic Healing Stones:
Choosing, Clearing, Charging

Holistic healing stones are said to have different healing properties. Yet, there is a bit of controversy over whether or not the gemstones actually have healing qualities. Ancient cultures like our First Nations cultures believe that they do and these traditions go back centuries.

Native healers wore medicine pouches around their necks and healing stones were in them. These tribes of people were more connected to the Earth and their spirituality than most westerners are today. Here’s how to tap into the ancient healing powers that healers and mystics have passed down through the ages…

Choosing a Healing Stone –
Let the Stone Choose You!

Many people choose stones that they are inexplicably drawn to. They then look the stone up and discover that that is exactly the stone they need.

Holistic Healing - Holistic Healing Stones: An Assortment of Healng Stones

Many people are drawn to rose quartz and that stone helps heal the inner child and helps with self love. Lots of people are working on those issues, so it may be no wonder why so many people are drawn to rose quartz.

Choosing a stone is a really important part of the process of using healing stones. You may be drawn energetically to certain healing powers of gemstones. Choose with your intuition and your heart.

People also choose stones that they believe will help certain conditions like cancer.

You can also use a pendulum to find out if a stone is right for you. Likewise, check the energy in a crystal before you wear it. This is to see if the energy in it is right for you. Some crystals are too strong for their wearers and may actually deplete their energy. Before using a crystal on yourself or a client, choose carefully and use your intuition.

The prices of holistic healing stones vary. Prices range from .50 to $2.50 for the small stones and prices go up from there based on size, quality and cut.

Holistic Healing - Holistic Healing Stones: An Assortment of Healng Gemstones

Cleaning and Charging Your Stones
for Inner Sparkle

Cleaning holistic healing stones is also really important. Stones need to be cleared of the negative energy they may gather and hold. Nature is used to cleanse the stones. This is done in a few key ways: your stones may be cleansed in sea water, left out in the rain, or flushed under cold water. Sometimes they are buried in the Earth.

Charging and cleaning are different. Laying your stones out in the sun is an excellent way to recharge them. How you clear them and charge them also depends on the specific stone you are using and the circumstances. If in need of a quick recharge, they can also be charged with your breath.

Some skeptics believe that the power of the stones lies in the placebo effect. But, science doesn’t yet know how to measure the energetic dimensions of gemstones and crystals!

Healers and spiritual seekers are including them in their work and they have become quite popular with some on the healing path…Explore the world of holistic healing stones and see if you can expand your consciousness and your world!

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