Self Healing Energy
and the Chakra Connection

Self healing energy is vital to feeling fabulous. This is both for practitioners and for those seeking healing.

The good news is that is it very easy to have energy that is “self healing.”

It just takes a few key tools and your healing Intent.

The popular Chakra Connection, developed by Dr. W. Brugh Joy is one such technique that can give you beautiful healing energy.

The Chakra Connection is great for balancing your personal energy centers and for the removal of energy blocks. The sequence can be done by yourself, or another healer can do the healing sequence on you.

Holistic Healing - Self Healing Energy: Man Holding the Sun in Meditation Pose

This full body technique helps your seven main energy centers (called chakras). It gives the main chakra areas each attention with a hand hold of about 1-2 minutes. You start at your feet and work your way up to your crown chakra at the top of your head.

This energy healing for self opens up each chakra as you go. This helps your energy flow freely and healthfully within your entire body. Click here to see a visual demonstration of the Chakra Connection. This shows the specific hand positions and the order of the hand placements.

I like to listen to meditation music when I do this. And it really helps to stay present with your body and really feel the flow of the energy moving through your hands. Focus on sending yourself spiritual healing energy.

The Chakra Connection is a form of chakra healing that is called “hands on healing.” Self energy healing is a healer’s main source of healing protection. This “body meditation” helps you be a clear conduit for the flow of universal energy. It is also great to use as an energetic healing tool for anyone wanting holistic healing.

The energy is free, beautiful and healing and it leads you to what is free, beautiful and healthful in You!

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